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Vinification Prism
Vinification Prism
Steel, Found Glass, EL wire.
132"H x 40"W x 45"D

"Vinification Prism" is designed as a standing prism of bottles to display the metaphorical prismatic view artists living in wine making regions often have with the businesses that surround them. This sculpture was installed initially at Bottle Rock Music Festival in 2013, and included sound reactive Electro-Luminescent Wire (EL Wire) which responded to the main stage of the festival. The piece was created from 270 donated wine bottles from White Horse Winery and Artesa Winery. This is a collaborative work made with the Slack Collective in Napa, California. Tim Kopra led the project, and was the lead designer, Paul Slack managed the project and was the engineer lead, Ian Curry and Briana Galloway were additional fabricators. It is currently installed on the Napa Riverfront at Morimoto Restaurant.